New PLUMED releases.

Release 2.3.2 is a maintenance release on the 2.3.x branch, with a number of bug fixes, see here . This should be considered the stable plumed version suitable for production.

Release 2.4a is an alpha release for the new 2.4.x branch, see here. We expect a beta release at the beginning of September and a final stable release 2.4.0 before the end of 2017. An important difference between this new release and version 2.3 is that version 2.4 requires C++11 and as such the code may no longer compile if you use very old compilers. Another important change is that we are in the process of organizing the internal structure of PLUMED better so that user-contributed modules can be included. If you are a developer and want some new features to be included in PLUMED 2.4 be sure to merge it on the 2.4 branch and ideally please do so before September.

You can find both releases in the download section of the plumed webpage. They are also tagged on github (v2.3.2 and v2.4a).

Notice that the material from the recent Trieste tutorial is also online To do some of the tutorials you will require PLUMED 2.4